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>>of course soulshred won't take place in time this year due the coronavirus. We will do our best, but safety first!

We have to stop spreading the virus, what also means stop meeting up with friends, partying and making hiking sessions with people that don't live with you.

Keep in mind the more everybody sticks to the measures the fast it will be over, hopefully!

- good times with SLASH by Gigi Rüf

...are some days, spend true to the motto "we do what we love-24h/7days".

☞SHRED (snowboard & ski, Snowpark Kaunertal, backcountry & DIY-Spotmap)

☞SKATE (miniramp, flatrail)





🚧 Photocontest  🚧



You can shoot the whole week everywhere in "Kauni":

☞ at the Soulshred-Sessions,

☞ up in the Park

☞ or shovel your own stuff #freestyle


☞Post your best shots from 28.4.-4.3. with #soulshred2019 on instagram

☞the best shot & a star with the ridername next to it will get painted on the wall. (one snowboard & one ski each year)

powered by Tiwag - Tiroler Wasserkraft AG


Video Contest

☞ make an edit (1 min) of your soulshred week

you don't have to be riding yourself, you can also be just filming-> just share your happiest soulshred moments with us

☞ post it on Instagram with the hashtags #soulshred #soulshredvideocontest & #snowparkkaunertal

☞ the best video (likes, views, judging) wins a whole week with all-inclusive in the Tia Monte*** hotel for two people incl. two 6in7 lifttickets & 100,- bucks


Judging criteria:
soulshred vibe, diversity, tricklevel, atmosphere, cuttting/filming



☞ Bring a shovel and let's create a spot paradise together in kauni!

☞We also have a few obstacles you can use-"who comes first, serves first".

☞If you wanna share a new spot with other riders to have a good sesh - make a photo & upload it on the soulshred-spotmap.

☞It doesn't matter if it's already "ready to ride" or if you're just looking for some helpers to build it up. It can even be just a nice bonfire place - let's stay connected.




Register now

That's how we will keep you up-to-date during the week.

(be informed about what activity is going on at which spot e.g. hiking-session at which rail, where there is a bonfire, skatesesh,...)


-changes reserved

SNAPSHOTS / first year

HiGHlights from the first Soulshred (2017)

/ R I V E R S L I D E ' 1 7 ...

...was a blast!!

Rider: Fabian Knözinger


Put a rail on a car, take a shovel & don't forget about the #FREEBEER & #GOODIES.
Drive up the glacier, put the rail in a river & let the session begin.



/ W H I T E L A K E - S P L Ä S H ' 1 7

Everyone who hasn't seen this in real life Save the date 28.4.-4.5.2019 & be part of Soulshred the third chapter!!!


Check out Soulshred 2019 for further infos!


Rider: Fabian Knözinger


/ R O A D  O F  L E G E N D S

The first 2 paintings on the Road of Legends are going to

David Ressler (Ski)

Fabian Fraidl (Snowboard) !!!


Congratz boys & thank you for these rad shots!


Be part of Soulshred 2018 & get yourself painted on this wall!!

28.4.-4.5.2019 · Kaunertal · Tia Monte


And especially a BIG THANKS to our awesome Graffitisprayer fattony & the photographer of both Legendshots Kristin Ludwig!!


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