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- good times with SLASH by Gigi Rüf

...is a one week event true to the motto we do what we love 24h/7days.

☞SHRED (snowboard & ski, Snowpark Kaunertal, backcountry & DIY-Spotmap)

☞SKATE (miniramp, flatrail)





🚧 Photocontest  🚧



You can shoot the whole week everywhere in "Kauni":

☞ at the Soulshred-Sessions,

☞ up in the Park

☞ or shovel your own stuff #freestyle


☞Post your best shots from 28.4.-4.3. with #soulshred2019 on instagram

☞the best shot & a star with the ridername next to it will get painted on the wall. (one snowboard & one ski each year)

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Video Contest

☞ make an edit (1 min) of your soulshred week

you don't have to be riding yourself, you can also be just filming-> just share your happiest soulshred moments with us

☞ post it on Instagram with the hashtags #soulshred #soulshredvideocontest & #snowparkkaunertal

☞ the best video (likes, views, judging) wins a whole week with all-inclusive in the Tia Monte*** hotel for two people incl. two 6in7 lifttickets & 100,- bucks


Judging criteria:
soulshred vibe, diversity, tricklevel, atmosphere, cuttting/filming



☞ Bring a shovel and let's create a spot paradise together in kauni!

☞We also have a few obstacles you can use-"who comes first, serves first".

☞If you wanna share a new spot with other riders to have a good sesh - make a photo & upload it on the soulshred-spotmap.

☞It doesn't matter if it's already "ready to ride" or if you're just looking for some helpers to build it up. It can even be just a nice bonfire place - let's stay connected.




Register now

That's how we will keep you up-to-date during the week.

(be informed about what activity is going on at which spot e.g. hiking-session at which rail, where there is a bonfire, skatesesh,...)


-changes reserved

SNAPSHOTS / first year

HiGHlights from the first Soulshred (2017)

/ R I V E R S L I D E ' 1 7 ...

...was a blast!!

Rider: Fabian Knözinger


Put a rail on a car, take a shovel & don't forget about the #FREEBEER & #GOODIES.
Drive up the glacier, put the rail in a river & let the session begin.



/ W H I T E L A K E - S P L Ä S H ' 1 7

Everyone who hasn't seen this in real life Save the date 28.4.-4.5.2019 & be part of Soulshred the third chapter!!!


Check out Soulshred 2019 for further infos!


Rider: Fabian Knözinger


/ R O A D  O F  L E G E N D S

The first 2 paintings on the Road of Legends are going to

David Ressler (Ski)

Fabian Fraidl (Snowboard) !!!


Congratz boys & thank you for these rad shots!


Be part of Soulshred 2018 & get yourself painted on this wall!!

28.4.-4.5.2019 · Kaunertal · Tia Monte


And especially a BIG THANKS to our awesome Graffitisprayer fattony & the photographer of both Legendshots Kristin Ludwig!!


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